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Impulse Winding Tester DWX Series
Impulse Winding Tester DWX-series

The impluse coil-winding tests the electrical characteristics of coil winding without damaging the sample.

Solution for low inductance coil test

4 inch color TFT display

Sensitive and precise test

Partial discharge (PD) amount can calculate by Laplacian method

Support CF memory to stored master file

Inductor Testing Machine DWX-10LI, DWX-01LI

Ultra-low-inductance coil, high-speed test specification! Test in 10mS the coil of 1μH!

1uH ultra low inductance testing

Up to 1000V voltage applied

4 terminal testing circuits to perform precision

200MHz high speed sampling time

Partial Discharge Tester DWX-05PD

As the use of inverter coil will increase in the future, such as house hold appliances, automotive coil, industrial commodity.

PD Break-down voltage (PDIV), electrical discharge disappearance voltage (PDEV), electrical discharge level (PD peak)

PD detected by an electromagnetic wave directly

Sensitive and precise detected by micro wave sensor module

Automatic Motor Testing Machine WTS-05

4functional test can be carried out with one unit included: AC withstanding, Insulation resistance, DC resistance and Impulse test.

10-ch for Motor and multi coils test

Up to 1000V voltage applied

4 terminal testing circuits to perform precision

Support LAN (option) interface

Bi-Directional DC Power Supply IT-M3400 series

IT-M3400 bidirectional DC power supply integrates the features of a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative load.


High efficient power regeneration

Battery simulation/charge and discharge test

Independent control of multiple channels

Regenerative Power System IT-M3600R series

IT-M3600 regenerative power system integrates two instruments in one, which is a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative electronic load.

High efficient power regeneration

One button switch between source and load

Bidirectional energy flow between DUT and grid

PV inverter I-V curve simulation

Battery simulation and test

Regenerative DC Electronic Load IT8000 series

IT8000 series is a family of high power regenerative electronic loads with compact size95% Max. Energy-regenerative efficiency

Ongrid electricity accumulation function, antiislanding protection

Battery test function

Support masterslave paralleling, current equalized distribution

LED Driver Test DC Electronic Load IT8912E

IT8912E high accuracy LED specific testing electronic loads can simulate the real output of LED lights with different characteristics for LED driver testing.

Unique CR-LED mode for LED driver testing

Up to 20KHz CC dynamic mode

I-pp/I-max measurement function can test current ripple and start up surge current 

Simulate LED lights with different characteristics

Battery Tester IT5100 series

IT5100 series is a series of battery internal resistance testers with high precision, high resolution and high speed.

Simultaneous resistance and voltage measurements

Up to 125 measurements /s

Statistics calculation and data storage function

Comparator function

Zero adjustment function

Battery Simulator IT6400 series

IT6400 series can be used as a bipolar power source or a bipolar electronic load which has the battery simulating function.

Bipolar dual-range output

Oscilloscope waveform display (DSO)

Battery Simulating Function

Current display resolution up to 1nA

Ultrafast transient response time < 20μs

High Power Programmable AC Source -AFV series

AC power source that can be remote controlled and integrated with other systems for easier operation.

7-inch touch screen display

Phase angle adjustment function

compact, smaller, high power density and easy maintain

Comprehensive protections which include output undervoltage

AC Power Supply/ Frequency Converter -AFC series

The output voltage range of 5-300V. Output frequency is switchable: 47-63Hz continuously adjustable

Single-phase output up to 120kVA, Three-phase output up to 2000kVA

High efficiency of up to 92% at full load

Comprehensive protections: OCP, OVP, UVP, OTP

CE & RoHS certification

Microchip-controlled, Non-contact/Brushless AVR

SJW-WB serial Industrial Micro-chip(CPU), Non-contact(contactless) Compensated Voltage Stabilizer which is a new generation quick stabilizing voltage equipment.

CPU intelligent SCR control, stable and reliable

Regulator speed to 0.03S

Efficiency is more than 99%

Anti-interference, cleaning ability

Automatically bypass protection function.

Ferro-resonant/Capacitor-type Precision Purified AVR

JSW series precision purifying AC regulated power source.  It is an ideal regulated power source for all kinds of test and measurement device and electronic device.

Output precision ±1%

Regulator speed to 0.1S

Efficiency is more than 90%

Provide a quiet and reliable working environment.

Conform to CE, RoHs

บอร์ดรีลย์ สแกน 8x8 ช่อง

Matric relays scanner 8×8 channels.

The relays are Ormron G6K-2F-Y-DC3 , 100mOhm, 1 A@30VDc

Controlled by I2C standard, Power supply 3.3 Volts

ES901-400 ECG DWX scanner 4 + 1 channels

ES901-400 ECG DWX scanner 4 + 1 channels

High voltage scanner with 4 isolated Channels and additional return channel for ECG DWX series.

The unit is designed specially for ECG DWX Impuslse Winding Tester compatible.

The colorful GUI touch screen provides easily access and control the unit, press once! test 4 coils.

This scanner is very useful for testing motor which has up to 4 coils.

ES901-400 has ES-handler port for PLC control and tower lamp for production line.